Websites with Children’s Songs

Here are some websites where you can find children’s songs.

(Action Songs, Animal Songs, Christian Songs, Christmas Songs, Easter Songs, etc.)

(List of songs, hear them sung, actions to the songs. Can download the music and buy from the site.)

(Great music for children that wont drive parents bonkers!)

(List of children’s songs: ‘Arky, Arky’, ‘I’m in the Lord’s Army’, ‘Jesus Loves Me’, ‘I’m Happy Today’, ‘Jesus is the Name-O’, ‘This little light of mine’, ‘Jesus loves the little children’, ‘I’ve got the joy down in my heart’.)

Plenty of songs to choose from based on the Bible. Listen to samples and download via iTunes.) – Doug Horley

(Straight to Duggie’s website with music and books to buy. Also shows other music from other artists too.)

www.fischy.comStephen Fischbacher

(Fischy Music supports emotional, social and spiritual health and wellbeing in children through songs. Primarily work with schools and churches.)

(Music for all ages from pre-school up.)

(A new resource for churches and worship leaders on CD. A feature-packed digital songbook and printed music book, with scores to 100 new songs, including 22 scores from the ‘Fresh: New Songs for the Church’ CD.) Smale

(Loads of children’s songs – wrote ‘Father God I Wonder’)

www.vineyardmusic.comKids Vineyard Worship

Great Big God 1, 2 & 3, Great Big for pre-schoolers and Backing tracks)

Childrens Songs

Click on images to download videos (.wmv format)


Faith as small as a mustard seed



God you’re good to me



Great big God



I’m gonna jump



If I were a butterfly



One Way



101+ Mission Ideas



This short resource is a collection of ideas to help churches think about different ways to engage with the community. However ideas are not solutions, they are only tools and are only good in the hands of the right people. Ideas are the ‘what’ we do to engage but it is much more important for us to consider ‘how’ we engage as ambassadors of Christ…

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COI Mission Statement

Church of Ireland Mission Statement

The Church of Ireland, as an authentic part of the universal church of God, is called to developgrowing communities of faith, in and through which the Kingdom of God is made known, and in which the whole people serve together as followers of Jesus Christ for the good of the world to the Glory of God….

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A Wider Us – Council for Mission

Church of Ireland Mission Statement

The Church of Ireland Council for Mission invited the Bishops to nominate members of their dioceses to attend a Mission Conference at Dromantine, along with representatives of key committees and groups, for the purposes of addressing the vital question: “How do we articulate the mission of the Church of Ireland in the range of contexts that exist across Ireland and in such a way that all church traditions can embrace, support and enact it?”

The following is a summary of the outcomes of the discussion. It is offered with a recognition that the journey has already started and that, in God’s providence, new things are happening but also with a desire that we should walk together where God leads, help each other make sense of what is taking place and encourage one another to continue on the journey…

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