Podcast Series – Sharing & Teaching the Bible, with Bishop Ferran Glenfield

Talk 1: Key Principles

In this podcast Bishop Ferran begins a new series for those sharing, teaching and preaching the Bible. In this first episode he explores key principles of prayerful preparation for teaching God’s word – a word that has the power to change lives.

Talk 2: Getting our teeth into the text

In this episode of Word Ministry, Bishop Ferran emphasises the importance of getting to the heart of the meaning of the passage and why it matters for the way people live in the world today.


An Introduction To Vestry Membership

We have a blessing in the Church of Ireland in that it is the right of all adult members – lay and clerical – to be democratically involved in the management and decision-making of our parishes. This privilege can be taken for granted though! With any privilege comes the duty to use it appropriately – in this case, so that God would be glorified and his Kingdom might be extended through the mission and ministry of our parishes.
To help members of the Church understand the governance of parishes in the Church of Ireland, DKEA has put together a leaflet introducing vestry membership which can be accessed here.

‘It’s Your Call’ video explores vocations

What does it mean to explore a call to ordained ministry?  It’s Your Call features interviews with a range of clergy about their ordained ministry in communities in different parts of the island of Ireland.  Vocation means what you are called by God to be and do. For some, this is a specific calling to ministry. For others, it can mean serving God through faithful discipleship in other areas of everyday life.

The Commission on Ministry is asking parishes to encourage conversations and discussions by holding a Vocation Sunday on 21st May, or another date at their discretion if this is more convenient, and It’s Your Call may be a helpful resource for showing in a six-minute slot in your service, or indeed through parish websites and social media.  If a parish would prefer to have its own copy or if broadband access is limited in a particular location, the video can be downloaded from this page on the Church of Ireland’s Vimeo channel.

Anyone with an interest in exploring a vocation to ordained ministry is encouraged to speak with their Rector in the first instance.  A range of resources is available at www.vocations.ireland.anglican.org which include articles on pathways to ordination, lay ministry, Pioneer Ministry, and understanding selection, and posters for parishes to encourage people to think about the role to which God may be calling them. 

Practical Action on the Cost of Living: New Booklet Produced to Share Local Responses

The Church of Ireland’s Church and Society Commission has published a short booklet with suggestions for how parishes, and other ministries and similar organisations in their local communities, can help to serve people in need at this time.

Practical Action on the Cost of Living summarises a discussion held last Wednesday morning, when representatives from Church of Ireland dioceses around the island shared stories about how their parishes are proactively responding as the cost of living crisis continues (e.g. through recycling surplus clothing, greater support for food banks, making and sharing meals together, and opening up church property as warm spaces).  Several examples were put forward about what more can be done over the coming months, along with ideas for the best overall approaches for responding locally.

Archbishop Michael Jackson, Chair of the Church and Society Commission, who organised the meeting, remarks: “The escalation in the cost of living affects everyone. It affects those on modest incomes, on pensions, and those with no money at all most acutely and most immediately. The time of crisis is now.  The booklet in a small but heartfelt way seeks to provide some pointers about how help is being made available through local ministries, and where a range of people is ready to come to your assistance.  Please avail of what is there. It is there for you as much as it is there for anyone else.  Please also ask for any help you need from others if and when you seek support.”

Children’s Ministry Ideas and Resources for Lent and Easter

Building Blocks have shared a 4-page PDF which features some of the ideas and resources presented at their recent online children’s ministry resources evening.

» Click to Download PDF

Parishes encouraged to support Climate Sunday in new video

Local parishes across the Church of Ireland are being encouraged to support Climate Sunday – an initiative of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland – in a new short video filmed around our island.

The initiative is calling on all local churches across Britain and Ireland to hold a climate-focused service on any Sunday before the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP 26), which is taking place in Glasgow from 31st October to 12th November this year, and to commit to long-term action on climate change.  The collective action and commitments from local churches across Britain and Ireland will be presented to the UK Government at a Nations Climate Sunday Service in Glasgow on Sunday, 5th September 2021.

The video, produced on behalf of the Church and Society Commission, is introduced by Canon Andrew Orr, a member of the Commission and also Chair of Eco-Congregation Ireland, an inter-church organisation seeking to help churches to celebrate the gift of God’s creation, recognise the inter-dependence of all creation, and care for it in their life and mission and through members’ personal lifestyles.

Archbishop John McDowell remarks: “There has probably never been a time when an emphasis by the Churches on the care of the created order is needed. Climate Sunday gives parishes the opportunity to celebrate God’s work in creation as well as his work in redemption, at a time when the need to do so is most pressing.”

Canon Andrew Orr adds: “Climate Sunday is a fantastic initiative which is already proving very popular, with over 5,000 churches already signed up.  It’s a very straightforward way for churches to highlight the issue of climate justice in their congregations and get involved in caring for God’s creation. We hope this video will encourage everyone in all parts of Ireland to take part.”

Parishes are encouraged to share the video widely in their services and through their websites and social media accounts over the summer months, and to register their interest before Sunday, 5th September.  More information on Climate Sunday is available at www.climatesunday.org


Drone footage by David Wright and music by Mark Bodino.


Speakers and scenes from around Ireland featured in the Climate Sunday video:

  1. The Cork and Waterford coastline, filmed by drone.
  2. Canon Andrew Orr, Chair of Eco-Congregation Ireland.
  3. White Park Bay, on the Causeway Coast, Co. Antrim.
  4. The Revd Andrew Sweeney at Redburn Country Park, Co. Down.
  5. Ms Carolyn Good, Co. Carlow.
  6. The Revd Cathy Hallissey, Co. Wicklow.
  7. Archbishop John McDowell.

Social Media Guidelines

Social media offers a wide range of opportunities for people to connect creatively and positively with others and share stories about Church life and the Christian faith as a whole.

At the same time, the nature of social media means that it is important to think about how we can communicate in this way and to manage the risks which can arise.

The Church of Ireland Press Office has prepared a selection of graphics to help members of the Church to use social media well, whether in organising an online service or ministry, or in everyday life. More information on the Church of Ireland Social Media policy can be found here: https://www.ireland.anglican.org/resources/484/church-of-ireland-social-media

Lent Podcasts from Bishop Ferran

Join Bishop Ferran this Lent as he explores some of the places Jesus went on His journey to the cross, thinking about what it means to keep close to Jesus and follow Him.

In the final episode of the Lent and the Bishop podcast, we think of Jesus’ entry into the city of Jerusalem as described in Mark Chapter 11. This climatic point in the journey to the cross raises a number of questions for our own following of Jesus and encourages us to renew our allegiance to Christ our King.

Daily Worship App

The Church of Ireland has launched a new Daily Worship app which brings content from the Book of Common Prayer and the Bible to your smartphone by presenting their content in one place, including readings and liturgies for each day of the year.