SAMS Ireland Evening Conference – 3rd Feb


The SAMS Ireland annual evening conference Friday Night Live will take place in Annaghmore Parish Centre 7.30pm on Friday 3rd February. The event theme this year is ‘Enlarge – Expand- Extend’. We look forward to hearing stories of how the Gospel is impacting people’s lives through the work and outreach of the church in South America.

Please join us for an evening of worship, Bible teaching and stories of mission!

Please note the NEW venue this year : Annaghmore Parish Church Halls (Armagh Diocese, Junction 13 M1, Postcode: Craigavon BT62 1NT)

For further information :Email: or Tel: 02838 310144.


The Bible and the Bishop: Advent 2022- What does the Future Hold?

Advent is a time of year in the church calendar when we look forward to Christ’s return.

Join Bishop Ferran as we look into the scriptures to celebrate the hope we have in our coming King.

Christmas Message from Bishop Ferran Glenfield 2022

The story of Christmas is about a supernatural intervention. The God who made and sustains the earth came in person as the baby of Bethlehem. What a story! The greatest ever told. In science fiction stories we are used to alien visitors coming to our world. They usually come as destructive invaders. But God comes not to destroy but to save. What do we need to be rescued from? It’s obvious, just look or listen to the news: addiction, anxiety, despair, poverty, violence, war. The list is endless.

We get frustrated by the harsh realities of life and God seems so absent. But at Christmas we are reminded of why God came in the first place. His name Jesus is a clue, it means Saviour. He still invites us to believe and to receive his saving power in our lives.

He knows no limits and nothing is impossible with God. And there are no limits to what He can do in our lives.

+ Ferran

Reader Training – 21st January 2023

Jesus said “the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:38)

It was a wonderful answer to prayer to have almost 30 people on a zoom call at the end of November.  People who are either already parish readers and who would like further training, or others who are interested in becoming parish readers. It is an encouraging sign of life in our Diocese to see so many interested in serving the Lord in this way.

On Saturday 21st January from 10am-3pm we will be meeting at the Bush Hotel to launch the new training.  We will be joined by Rev Dr Mark Earney, Head of Church History at Moore Theological College.  It will be a great opportunity to hear from God’s Word, to receive the course book and to get to know each other a little better before we go online for our reader training course.

Tuesday 24th January at 8pm will see the start of “God’s Big Picture” on zoom.  This is a 9 week course that gives an overview of the whole Bible. There will be a video to watch and an opportunity to discuss and ask any questions.

Our aim will then be to meet again in person before launching our second module “Overview of New Testament.”  This will go into each book of the New Testament in a bit more detail, trying to give an overview of each individual book. 

Then in September we will aim to meet in smaller local cluster groups to consider leading worship and giving reflections. 

If you haven’t yet signed up, please do ask your rector to get in contact with Rev Nick.

There will not be a charge for the training, and if you can’t make a week you should be able to catch up on a recording of the zoom.  Please do be praying that this course is a great help to our Diocese and to all who take part.

Ecclesiastical Insurance – advice to property owners ahead of severe weather warning

Ecclesiastical Insurance Ireland, a leading insurer of heritage, education, and church properties, is encouraging customers to take precautions to help prevent potential damages to properties as we look ahead to severe weather this winter.

It comes as Met Eireann has informed the general public that temperatures are set to plunge this week and indicating that snow may fall on Thursday with temperatures dropping to below freezing.  

The onset of cold weather means more problems for properties, especially heritage properties. Ecclesiastical Insurance, the specialist insurer, has shared practical advice for property owners to be aware of the most common issues that can arise.  

Keep an eye on your pipes, gutters, gullies and your roof. 

  1. If you discover a frozen pipe, don’t wait for it to burst. Turn off your water supply and then slowly thaw the affected pipe by introducing gentle heat to the area e.g. by using a hairdryer, space heater or hot water bottle. Do not attempt to thaw the pipe with a blow torch or other open flame. 
  2. If the worst happens and you do have a burst pipe, turn off the water supply at the stopcock and try to catch any excess water in a bucket or other container. Do not use any electrics if you believe they may have been affected by the escaping water. You will need to have these checked by a professional electrician. 
  3. Unfortunately, slips and trips can happen, particularly when there is ice and snow on the ground. You should take actions that are ‘reasonable in the circumstances’. This can include ensuring that entry and exit routes are kept free of anything which may cause a person to slip and taking preventative measures, such as clearing and gritting paths. 
  4. Temporary heaters should not be left unattended for long periods or used when the building is unoccupied, and should never be moved once they have been switched on. 
  5. You should also check for damaged seals on the windows, if there are gaps, water may be let in which could cause the frame to swell, jam or rot. 
  6. Ensure any overhanging trees or foliage are cut back to prevent possible damage to the property by storm winds. 
  7. For those really terrible days when you don’t want to leave the house, it’s good to have your cupboards stocked so you don’t have to. Tins and frozen food will last a long time and prevent you from having to venture out in unsavoury weather conditions. 
  8. Check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours.
  9. If you are going away for an extended break, drain down and shut off your water system, and ask somebody to check on your property regularly.


Paul Collins, Head of Risk Services at Ecclesiastical Insurance Ireland, said:

We know the impact that extreme weather conditions can have on our customers, and this is a timely reminder for them to take steps to prepare for the winter. Every year we take calls from people who have suffered damage to their property as a result of

cold weather. The repairs can be costly and cause a huge amount of disruption. Some of the steps customers can take include carrying out simple visual checks of the property to identify issues such as overgrown vegetation, loose roof materials, damaged guttering, or blocked rainwater gullies and allow simple maintenance measures to be put in place.  

Careful maintenance and risk management can help prevent property damage and/or injury during the winter months. Protect yourself and your property this season and reach out to an expert if you have any questions”. 

Job Opportunity – Pioneer Evangelist Sligo

This exciting new role will work alongside the Lead Evangelist at Sligo Centre of Mission to help develop fresh expressions of Christian community. As a team, the Centre of Mission is looking to build on and pioneer new forms of community within the Sligo, North Leitrim and Bundoran, and beyond, as appropriate.

In this role, you will explore what communities are appropriate for young people and those in need, supporting the planning and facilitating of local services. This will enable more time for evangelism throughout the week. This role will specifically look to provide support in the digital aspects of the work, which have grown significantly over the recent period.

This role will also help to develop the work of the COM by creatively and effectively sharing faith to those who come to holiday in Bundoran from around the world. The work will be heavily focused in the Bundoran during the summer period and more focused in Sligo and North Leitrim during the winter season. This enables networking and communication with existing ministries and the pioneering of new ones using the GRACEUP values of Church Army as a benchmark.

As this role will look to support and enable people’s faith journey, the successful candidate will be someone who prioritises their relationship with God and is comfortable with different styles of church. You will need to be an energetic and outgoing person, who is able to take the initiative and will be at ease in the local context.

Find out more at



Cavan Christian Men’s Conference

When Trusting is Tough: honesty and hope from the Psalms

This years Cavan Christian Men’s Conference will take place on Saturday 12th Nov from 9:30am-1pm at the Cavan Crystal Hotel.

Book online at:

Day of Prayer for Young People and Youth Ministry 2022

Coming up on Sunday, 20th November

This year, the Church of Ireland’s Day of Prayer for Young People and Youth Ministry will be on Sunday 20th November 2022.  The Church of Ireland Youth Department (CIYD) is delighted to make available a new prayer journal to accompany the day. Produced in partnership with Missional Generation, the prayer journal is designed to help young people to pray and provide creative ways to listen to and respond to God.  The prayer journals are available from Diocesan Youth Officers or youth ministry contacts.


In addition, the Exalt prayer app now has some new features.  Since the launch of the app at the Summer Madness youth festival in June CIYD has seen over 250 young people downloading the app.  Exalt is designed to help 11-18 year olds, their peers and their youth group leaders to explore a weekly devotion together; this is designed to help young people seeking a faith in Jesus as well as those who have an active rhythm of faith.

The aim of the app is to make a creative and interactive way to help young people to pray as they explore six rotating themes over a year. During the year, young people will listen to reflections on Freedom, Justice, Forgiveness, Giving, Rejoicing and Mission.  The hope is that as a generation listens to people reflect on Scripture and hear honest and open testimony, we will see this generation growing in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible.

One of the new features allows users to share their experience of the Bible verse into their digital spaces, strengthening the young person’s confidence in sharing the Christian faith and Scripture amongst their digital platforms.  Exalt is available from either the Apple Store or Google Play and to find out more, readers are welcome to check out its promotional video at

Day of Prayer for Iran

Bishop Ferran is calling for churches in the KEA Diocese to join churches around the world in a day of prayer on this Sunday 23rd October.

Churches across the globe, from Brazil to Japan, Mozambique to Australia, will be lifting Iran in prayer. We are so thankful for this encouragement to the Iranian Church.

Simple prayer resources are available at to help your church get involved.

Speaking of the event, David Yeghnazar, Executive Director of Elam Ministries  said ‘Over and over, we have seen that God uses prayer. I remember when our friend and colleague Farshid was imprisoned in Iran for his faith, he memorably wrote: ‘I sense the fragrance of your prayers as a cool breeze on my heart and it strengthens me from afar’. Prayer is powerful’. 

We pray that as churches around the world unite in intercession this Sunday, the Iranian church will be encouraged and strengthened.

If you would like to encourage the Iranian church a 10-second video of your church praying for Iran – or a word or a verse of encouragement would be very gratefully received at