Christmas Message from Bishop Ferran Glenfield 2022

The story of Christmas is about a supernatural intervention. The God who made and sustains the earth came in person as the baby of Bethlehem. What a story! The greatest ever told. In science fiction stories we are used to alien visitors coming to our world. They usually come as destructive invaders. But God comes not to destroy but to save. What do we need to be rescued from? It’s obvious, just look or listen to the news: addiction, anxiety, despair, poverty, violence, war. The list is endless.

We get frustrated by the harsh realities of life and God seems so absent. But at Christmas we are reminded of why God came in the first place. His name Jesus is a clue, it means Saviour. He still invites us to believe and to receive his saving power in our lives.

He knows no limits and nothing is impossible with God. And there are no limits to what He can do in our lives.

+ Ferran