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STORY – The Candy Cane


How to change the world (Video)

How to change the world






In this video a kid president encourages people that the way to change the world is through ‘one person filled with love. And they just have to live it out.’



Are we there yet_Shrek 2







The clip above (‘Are we there yet’ from Shrek 2 – found on YouTube) can be used to challenge both young and old about what the Magi gave, which was far more than just the gifts. Many now believe that the Magi came from Yemen which would mean a journey of 2,000 miles or more, taking several months (20 miles per day at best). Ask the children to watch carefully to see what the distance on the first sign that they come to (700 miles). Ask them what’s the longest journey that they have ever made and how long did it take them. Ask them what the Magi gave and you’ll get the three gifts (Matt 2:11b). But what else did they give? They gave worship (Matt 2:11a) and they gave their time. Why were they willing to give up so much of their time? Jesus was ‘worth it!’ Look briefly at the Parable of the Pearl of Great Worth (Matt 13:45-46). What will we give to Jesus this Christmas to show Him what He is worth to us – how much we value Him?



Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle_Dec 2014










If you print out the sheet and then place it on a coloured scanner, print it out a little at a time at 200% size. Then cut out the pieces and stick them on to card. Ask the children if any of them are good at putting jigsaws together. Normally you begin with the corners and then the edges. Have the middle piece with you in a large envelope. You can point out that the pictures show characters mentioned in the Christmas story. What do you think the N.S.E.W. stand for? Someone will probably say North, South, East, West. However the East and West would then be in the wrong place. There’s a piece missing. Perhaps the missing piece will help us. Take out the last piece and place it in the centre. Jesus is the central character in the Christmas story. He gives understanding and meaning to the story. Now we see that the N.E.W.S. could be NEWS. Without Jesus the story would simply be news – but with Jesus it is GOOD NEWS and GOOD NEWS FOR ALL!


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