Discussion Paper – Rural Isolation

The Church and Society Commission of the Church of Ireland has published discussion papers on organ donation and rural isolation to inform members of the Church as they consider both issues. The Commission commends the papers for study and discussion in parishes across the island.

The paper on organ donation summarises statements made by the Church and its central committees on donation and consent for donation (including presumed consent) in recent years.  This includes the General Synod’s endorsement for thefleshandblood campaign, which encourages organ donation as an act of Christian giving, and links to information on becoming an organ donor.

The rural isolation paper outlines some of the factors contributing to increasing levels of isolation in rural Ireland, which may be experienced by couples and families as well as individuals.  It also includes links to advice and resources on improving mental health and reducing financial stress.

Both discussion papers will form part of a series which will cover a number of important current policy issues from a Christian perspective.