Revd. Isaac Hanna Instituted as the new Rector of Drumcliffe, Lissadell and Munninane

Revd. Isaac Hanna Instituted as the new Rector of Drumcliffe, Lissadell and Munninane

Friday evening 28th August was another milestone in the life of the parishes of Drumcliffe, Lissadell and Munninane. It was, of course, the Institution of the new Rector, Revd. Isaac Hanna. The service, which took place in a well filled Lissadell church, was led by Bishop Ferran Glenfield assisted by Dean Arfon Williams. Revd. Isaac was supported by his wife, Dianne and two sons, Joshua and Daniel. Other members of their family were also in attendance and it was wonderful to be joined by a number of Isaac’s former parishioners from Maghera.

The choir seats were well filled and a Praise group consisting of Gillian Brennan, Kathy Clarke, Nathanial Clarke and Nathan Bourke led the singing. The organ was played by Jennifer Siggins a member of the Lissadell parish. Bishop Ferran remarked during the service on how good the singing was. Scripture readings were read by Isaac Hanna (Revd. Isaac’s father), Adam Norris and our Lay Reader Alan Williamson.

The address was given by Revd. Paul Hoey, a friend of Isaac’s who began his sermon by asking four questions – What will we call our new Rector? Will he visit? Will he preach long? Will he be confidential? Rev Paul told us the he gave a loan of a fiver to Isaac some years ago and Isaac hasn’t mentioned it since then so he is obviously to be trusted. He also suggested that if anybody wants a visit we should be aware that Isaac has a penchant for pistachio nuts and to keep some in the house!

More seriously, Revd. Paul said that it was God who led Isaac from Kilkeel to Maghera and it was the same God who has led Isaac to Sligo. Isaiah 6:1-8 demonstrates that call and Matthew 3:1-5 tells of the mission of John the Baptist calling people to look to Jesus as Saviour. Revd. Paul suggested that Isaac as at least five tasks ahead of him: to serve in changing and challenging times, to guide through times of change and uncertainty, to do things in old and new ways, to help us live out our role in the community and world as followers of Christ, to be changed with the people by God’s Holy Spirit as he lives for Christ. The congregation were encouraged to continue to support Isaac and his family in prayer as they settle in to their new home, schools and ministries.

Following the sermon, the Act of Institution was carried out By Bishop Ferran. During this act some members of the various parishes brought forward symbols of the teaching, pastoral and sacramental ministry that Isaac would carry out in his new charge. The new Rector then led the Prayers of the People and the Recessional Hymn ‘ Great is Thy Faithfulness, oh God my Father’ was sung with a great sense of conviction by the whole congregation.

Across the road in the Lissadell Centre a fine supper and time of meeting and greeting was enjoyed by all. There were speeches, eating, drinking tea and enjoying fellowship. We trust and pray that the Parish in Maghera will soon find the person of God’s choosing to lead them forward. The whole evening was very meaningful not just for those taking part but also for all those present.


Rev Paul Hoey, Rev Isaac Hannah, Bishop Ferran Glenfield, Dean Arfon Williams

Dianne Hannah, Rev Isaac Hannah, Joshua Hannah, Daniel Hannah, Bishop Ferran Glenfield.

isaac-hannah-institution-IMG_1690Church Wardens: William Clarke (Drumcliffe), Christopher Clarke (Lissadell), Ronnie Lawson (Drumcliffe), Linda Regan (Lissadell), Rev Isaac, Victor Barber (Munninane), Heather McDonald(Munninane).

isaac-hannah-institution-IMG_1698Rev Isaac’s first service in Drumcliffe with Alan Williamson, Lay Reader

isaac-hannah-institution-IMG_1679Francis Barber, Lilly Morrison, Margaret Colvin, Joan McDonagh

isaac-hannah-institution-IMG_1681Musicians: Nathaniel Clarke, Kathy Clarke, Nathan Bourke and Gillian Brennan (not in photograph)

isaac-hannah-institution-IMG_1694The Young Ones: Amy McCrea, Shauna Williamson, Rachel Davis, Damien Shaw, Linda McMahon.

isaac-hannah-institution-IMG_1695Security Men: Willie Barber, Derek Chambers, Stuart Patterson.

isaac-hannah-institution-IMG_1696Tea Ladies: Linda Regan, Avril Patterson.