Job Opportunity – Pioneer Evangelist Sligo

This exciting new role will work alongside the Lead Evangelist at Sligo Centre of Mission to help develop fresh expressions of Christian community. As a team, the Centre of Mission is looking to build on and pioneer new forms of community within the Sligo, North Leitrim and Bundoran, and beyond, as appropriate.

In this role, you will explore what communities are appropriate for young people and those in need, supporting the planning and facilitating of local services. This will enable more time for evangelism throughout the week. This role will specifically look to provide support in the digital aspects of the work, which have grown significantly over the recent period.

This role will also help to develop the work of the COM by creatively and effectively sharing faith to those who come to holiday in Bundoran from around the world. The work will be heavily focused in the Bundoran during the summer period and more focused in Sligo and North Leitrim during the winter season. This enables networking and communication with existing ministries and the pioneering of new ones using the GRACEUP values of Church Army as a benchmark.

As this role will look to support and enable people’s faith journey, the successful candidate will be someone who prioritises their relationship with God and is comfortable with different styles of church. You will need to be an energetic and outgoing person, who is able to take the initiative and will be at ease in the local context.

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