Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh Diocesan Synod 2016

Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh Diocesan Synod 2016


The Annual Joint Meeting of the Diocesan Synods of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh took place this Saturday 15th October in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. The Synod was preceded by a celebration of The Holy Communion in St George’s Church which began with the commissioning of Hannah O’Neill and Marian Edwards as our new Diocesan Youth and Children’s workers.  We pray for God’s blessing on both Hannah and Marian as they undertake the responsibility entrusted to them in service of the children and young people in our Diocese. Preaching from the book of Haggai, Bishop Ferran Glenfield reminded us of God’s promise to partner with us as we do his work. The Lord is with us, his Spirit is with us and we can know the assurance of Haggai 1:13 – ‘”I am with you” says the Lord’.  The business of the Synod followed shortly after the Service in the nearby Bush hotel.




Bishop Ferran Glenfield began his address to the Synod by observing that this year, for the first time, one Diocesan council would be appointed to represent the united Diocese – a landmark event in our journey together as a united Diocesan family. Bishop Ferran thanked all those whose experience and service has facilitated this coming together as one Diocese. Maud Cunningham, Diocesan Secretary of Kilmore, Rev. Hazel Hicks, Diocesan Secretary for Elphin and Ardagh and Anne Smith in the Diocesan Office for their continued efforts in developing the best model for organising the administration of the United Diocese going forward. Dean Nigel Crossey for his painstaking work in the preparation of detail proposals to ensure that there is fair and balanced representation on the many and varied committees within Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh. Dean Nigel’s proposals were passed at this year’s Synod and will come into operation during 2017. And finally, Cannon Billy Stafford, Des Lowry, William Foster and Trudi Williams for their diligent and dedicated work developing a new financial scheme for the United Diocese which was approved at last year’s Synod and will come into effect on January 1st 2017.


Bishop Ferran then announced a proposal to separate the Boyle and Riverstown group of Parishes in Elphin and the Kildallon and Swanlinbar group of parishes in Kilmore into smaller entities. During the meeting of the Diocesan Synod, resolutions were passed  to separate the Kildallon Group (made up of Kildallon, Newtongore and Corrwallen) from the Swanlinbar Group (consisting of Swanlinbar, Kinawley, Tomregan and Templeport) . Similar resolutions were passed to separate the Boyle Group (consisting of Boyle, Aghanagh, Croghan and Ardcane) from the Riverstown Group (made up of Taunagh, Ballysumaghan and Kilmactranny).



Vision 20/20 for the church in Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh contains two aspirations for the local church. The first is that they should prioritise children from pre-school to third level, passing on the faith to successive generations. Our ministry and mission to the young is essential. The appointment and commissioning of Hannah O’Neill and Marian Edwards to co-ordinate youth and children’s ministry in the Diocese has been an important step in supporting this essential area of church life.


A second aspiration is that local churches are world-looking, visible and active in the community. During his address, Bishop Ferran announced a partnership with the Leprosy Mission Ireland (TLM) to provide a Mission Consultancy Service in the Diocese to promote mission. Earl Storey, who will be facilitating this partnership, shared further details of this initiative in a presentation to the Synod. He said that mission is core to why we exist as a church and denomination and that the Diocese, clergy and parishioners are key agents in delivering mission. He said that this new initiative aimed to encourage and support action at the local level.


Following the Presidential address, the Synod heard greetings from guests from other churches, including Monsignor Liam Kelly from the Roman Catholic Church and Revd. Jeremy Nicoll from the Methodist Church. It was also lovely to have the opportunity to engage with representatives from various church agencies as well as listen to presentations from the Diocesan Youth Council, The Scribe and the Mother’s Union.

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Rev Nick Jones, REv Ian Horner, Canon David CatterallRev Nick Jones, REv Ian Horner, Canon David Catterall

Rev Jeremy NicollRev Jeremy Nicoll

Monsignor Liam ReillyMonsignor Liam Reilly

Mary Geelan, David JonesMary Geelan, David Jones

Marian Edwards Hannah O'Neill CommissioningMarian Edwards and Hannah ONeill

Earl StoryEarl Story

Earl Storey Bisoph FerranEarl Story and Bishop Ferran

DesLowry, Willie Foster, Billy StaffordDes Lowry, Willie Foster, Billy Stafford

Dean Nigel Crossey, Archdeacon Isaac HannaDean Nigel Crossey, Archdeacon Isaac Hanna

Rev Tanya Woods, Archdeacon Isaac Hanna, Bishop Ferran 1Rev Tanya Woods, Archdeacon Isaac Hanna, Bishop Ferran