Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh Together Day

In January, some thirty clerical and lay pastors attended a Together Day at the See House in Kilmore. The guest speaker was Ken Moser who lectures in Youth Ministry at a seminary in Canada. Ken spoke of the stark reality in youth ministry across the Western World. What churches are doing with young people is clearly not working. Up to 90% of church young people leave church and never return. He advocated churches to rethink their ministry among the young prioritising relationships, nourishing the soul and integrating young people into the life of the church, as early as possible in their teenage years. Churches like the Church of Ireland have much to offer young people: Biblical inheritance, liturgical resources, spiritual disciplines, thoughtful theology and godly spiritual mentors. Ken’s presentations were informed, challenging and yet empowering. All is not lost, with God nothing is impossible! The day closed in the nearby Kilmore Cathedral with Holy Communion