Mothers’ Union – Changing The Story Conferences

Next week Mothers’ Union host two ground breaking ‘Changing The Story ‘ Conferences. With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men affected in Ireland, domestic abuse is endemic in our communities.

So often this issue has been brushed under the carpet.  ‘Changing The Story’ seeks to explore why and how we, as a church people, can work together to become safer and supportive compassionate communities.

Together with church leaders, partners and professionals, we are particularly pleased to welcome two well known keynote speakers in this field, Bekah Legg, Restored, and Rev Dr Helen Paynter, theologian and author.

The conferences are open to individuals and groups from all denominations and churches. Small steps make a difference –  let’s work together to change this story and create safe spaces for all.

Tickets are still available through Eventbrite …. book yours today……


Friday 15th September in Seagoe Parish Centre, Portadown, BT63 5HS

Saturday 16th September in Kilternan Parish Centre, Dublin, D18 ET99


Quotes from church leaders:

The home should be a place of safety, security and love and the very centre of family life.  Domestic abuse therefore attacks the very heart and essence of the family and should never be tolerated.  As Christians, and members of the wider Church family, we need to offer a safe place for those facing abuse, and offer them protection, understanding and unconditional love.’
Most Revd Dr Richard Clarke, Archbishop of Armagh 2012-2020


 ‘How terrible must it be to be afraid when you hear a key in the door. How demoralising must it be to live your life in the home you have created against the dark background of control and belittlement. Yet, this is the reality in many homes across Ireland today as 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men live the terror of walking a journey with abuse.’

A civilised and compassionate society should do everything in its power to root out domestic abuse. And every Christian should help where they can.’
The Most Revd John McDowell, Archbishop of Armagh


‘Domestic abuse is all the more devastating because so often it is invisible except to the person who suffers and to the person who does violence to that person. The light goes out on life itself through the stripping out of personality, dignity and humanity itself. Domestic abuse is not an accident; it is a deliberate act of cruelty.’
The Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin & Glendalough


“One of the most important things that churches, and communities of faith can do is to stand up and speak out for justice and dignity for all.”
The Right Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury