Revd. Malcolm Young is Ordained Priest for Local Ministry in the Drumcliffe Group of Parishes

Congratulations to Revd. Malcolm Young who was ordained a priest for local ministry by Bishop Ferran Glenfield at a service in St. George’s, Carrick-on-Shannon on Sunday 19th September. Revd. Malcolm will be serving in the Drumcliffe Group of Parishes.

Malcolm Young has been working in the Drumcliffe Group of Parishes for nearly four years. Revd. Malcolm initially came to Drumcliffe to take on the role as Tourist Chaplain. Drumcliffe Church is one of the top tourist destinations in Sligo, or Ireland for that matter. It is the final resting place of the world famous poet W.B Yeats and is also the site of one of St Columba’s most influential monasteries. Pre-covid, the site was welcoming around 180 000 visitors annually.

In addition to his role as tourist chaplain, Revd. Malcolm also assisted the Rector with Sunday services as Diocesan Reader. During this time, he felt a strong call towards Ordained Ministry which has brought him to this point. His ministry in Drumcliffe still involves both roles. During the day, Revd. Malcolm welcomes increasing numbers of visitors to Drumcliffe, gives talks about the site and it’s rich history, offers prayer ministry and blessings. However, he is also very much involved in parish ministry in Drumcliffe, Lissadell and Munninane, the three parishes in the Group.

We pray for every blessing on Revd. Malcolm and his ministry to both the communities of the Drumcliffe Group and visitors from afar.