Revd. Nick Jones Appointed as the Minister in Charge of the Drung Group of Parishes

nick-jones-familyRev. Nick Jones is to be appointed as the minister in charge of the Drung Group of Parishes on January 22nd 2016. Although originally from England, Nick has a deep love of the Irish, so much so that he married native Irish girl Dorothy in 2009! Nick originally trained and worked as a lawyer in London, but following his conversion to Christ in 2002 he began to consider overseas mission work and subsequently ordained ministry. He is delighted that those two things have been combined and that he can now serve as a Church of Ireland minister. Nick and Dorothy have two children, Bethany (5) and William (2), and so they don’t get much spare time! However, when they do they enjoy playing tennis and watching rugby (especially England Ireland games!). Nick also enjoys windsurfing, surfing, 5-aside football, squash and reading. Nick is very much looking forward to serving the Drung Group of Parishes where he hopes to delight in sharing not only the gospel of God but his life as well (1 Thessalonians 2:8).