School’s Services of Harvest Thanksgiving

This week yKea has hosted, not two as in previous years, but three School’s Services of Harvest Thanksgiving. Cavan Parish church hosted pupils attending national school in Kilmore, St John’s Cathedral, Sligo hosted pupils and teachers in Elphin and St John’s Church Longford hosted schools in Ardagh. It is wonderful to see how these services have grown in a few years.

This year Damien Shorten was joined by Erin Moorcroft (our CMS Australia mission partner) and Alan Williamson (Church Army Evangelist with the Drumcliffe Centre for Mission) for a fantastically fun-filled service which saw Bishop Ferran do battle with a mysterious caped superhero armed with a super soaker. Within all the laughter, music and a little splashing all those who attended were with left with a strong message that Jesus is a mighty rescuer who conquered death and paid the price for our sins to bring us to God.