Soul Survior 3 is back! 4th February 2023

Soul Survivor 3 is happening on the 4th of February from 14:00-18:00 in Billis Community Centre and is open to all Secondary School age people. There is no cost as the Bishop is generously funding the event which will include a meal at 17:00. 

We have a great event planned centred around Daniel 5 and the theme of the writing on the wall. Luke Hawkins (the Chaplain of Wilson’s Hospital School) will be delivering the talk and Christiaan Snell is leading worship.  We have lots of fun activities plan for a variety of preferences. No change of clothes needed, but bringing a coat is encouraged. A bus is leaving from Longford town at 13:00, for more information please contact Simon Scott.

We would love for you to invite any young people you may know of and it will be aimed to be as accessible as possible for non-Christians. There are flyers attached and a consent form that needs to be filled in for each child. If you don’t have any young people that are available then please pray for the event, that the young people going would get to know each other and Jesus Christ even further!

Contact your rector for further information.