The Saint Patrick’s Confession Project

There are lots of legends and misconceptions about who Saint Patrick was and what his mission was. However, we are privileged to have the real Patrick preserved for us in his own words in two writings: his ‘Confessio’ and his ‘Epistle to Coroticus’, both of which are readily accessible (

To celebrate Patrick and the biblical Gospel he believed and preached, and also to make people — young and old — more familiar with the truth about him and the Lord he served, over 30 young people from the majority of parishes in the Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh recorded themselves reading a section of the Confession (based on the translation by Pádraig McCarthy and published by the Royal Irish Academy, as found at The completed video will be available to watch (from 7 pm on 16th March) at this link:

This video was created for Saint Patrick’s Day 2021, when, in the midst of continuing Covid-19 restrictions, the usual events and celebrations for this day cannot happen. We hope that it will be an encouragement to all who watch it, and that they, like Patrick, will know personally the difference the Lord makes to those in difficult circumstances.