The Story of the Reformation

The Rt. Revd. Dr. Ferran Glenfield, Church of Ireland Bishop of Kilmore, will deliver as series of three public lectures on the Story of the Reformation in the Johnston Central Library in Cavan on Thursdays 5th,19th and 26th October at 7:30pm.

Five hundred years ago a discovery was made that would change the world. The discovery was not geographical, philosophical or technological but theological. According to Michael Reeves, a Professor of Theology at Oxford, the discovery was simply this: “failing broken people are not loved because they are attractive”, said Martin Luther, “ they are attractive because they are loved”.
Luther’s discovery launched a movement, the Reformation which today is still transforming lives and cultures.

When Luther, a German monk posted his 95 theses on the door of the Castle church in Wittenberg, he was not merely interested in stirring up theological debate. It was much more than that. Luther’s ideas were about life and love.
He himself had found the secret of life and love in Jesus Christ. It was a discovery of good news buried for so long but unearthed for all to enjoy.

The story is well worth retelling and is relevant today as it was 500 years ago. All are welcome.