Isaac Hanna Installed as the new Archdeacon of Elphin and Ardagh

Last Sunday, 31st January 2016, Revd. Capt. Isaac Hanna was installed as the new Archdeacon of the Dioceses of Elphin and Ardagh at a service in the Cathedral Church of St. Mary the Virgin and St. John the Baptist, Sligo.

The service was led by the Very Revd. Arfon Williams, Dean of the Cathedral and the Speaker was Ven. David McClay, Archdeacon of Down. Isaac Hanna is the Rector of the Drumcliffe Group of Parishes in Co. Sligo.



Revd. Nick Jones Welcomed as the new minister of the Drung Group of Parishes


This Sunday the 24th January 2016, Revd. Nick Jones was welcomed as the new Minister-in-charge of the Drung Group of Parishes at a Service in Drung Church. During the service the congregation were introduced to Nick, his wife Dorothy and their two children, after which they were officially welcomed by representatives of the five churches in the group; Drung, Castleterra Larah & Lavey and Killoughter. In his sermon from 2 Timothy 4, Bishop Ferran Glenfield, told Nick that just as Paul had passed the baton of ministry onto Timothy so the baton had been passed to him. His role means he is charged with preaching the Word – with urgency and endurance, encouraging us in our faith. The service was followed by a time of fellowship and some very welcome refreshments in the School hall.

Suicide Prevention And The Church


How can churches respond to the tragedy of suicide?

Can we be more effective in suicide prevention?

VOX magazine is hosting a series of one-day conferences around Ireland to inform and equip churches and Christians (of all denominations and backgrounds) as they seek to respond to suicide and engage in suicide prevention.

Join us to explore these vital issues with top speakers from the area of mental health and suicide prevention.

Saturday 30 January
10am – 4pm
Apostolic Church, 67a Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Saturday 6 February

10am – 3pm
Grace Christian Church, 53 MacCurtain Street, Cork

Saturday 20 February
10am – 4pm
Calry Church, Sligo

Cost? €20 per person (including lunch), €10 for students and concessions

Who is it for?
These events are designed for church leaders and individual Christians who are concerned about suicide or have been affected by suicide and want to know how Christians can respond.

A range of subjects will be offered depending on the venue and demand. Subjects may include:

  • Supporting those bereaved by suicide
  • Understanding self harm
  • Equipped to care – listening skills
  • Working together with your community
  • Supporting a family member with chronic mental illness

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Christmas Message 2015 – Bishop Ferran


Christmas is a season of mystery. Gifts are bought in secret, presents are wrapped and then hidden away only to be revealed on Christmas Day. At Christmas we are faced with the greatest mystery of all time, the coming of God to earth. The clues of God’s coming litter the Bible. Readings at carol services have brought these clues to light and give us insight into,where, when, how and who was involved ? But why? What was God’s motive in coming to earth? The clue as to why is found in the prophecy of Isaiah and repeated in Matthew’s Gospel.Twice the biblical authors repeat that God will give a sign, a clue, hidden in a name, Immanuel, which is translated, God is with us. That’s the reason why God came, he wants to be with us.

Picture the scene at the arrivals area in Dublin Airport on Christmas Eve.
People stream out of the gate only to be cheered and embraced by waiting loved ones. They are home, they are with us and that’s all that matters. God, too, wants to be with us, to be part of us, to share our lives, because he loves us. What an incredible reality and truth. Our ignorance, indifference or rejection does not deter him. Those who receive him, who believe in his name, the name of Jesus,are allowed to experience the greatest mystery of all, God with us.God loving us, God securing us, God purposing us. Immanuel, the why of Christmas.

+ Ferran

Revd. Isaac Hanna Appointed as the Archdeacon of Elphin and Ardagh

rev.Isaac-hannaPRESS RELEASE – 11/12/2015

Revd. Isaac Hanna Appointed as the Archdeacon of Elphin and Ardagh

Revd. Isaac Hanna, the Rector of Drumcliffe, Lissadell and Munninane, has been appointed as the new Archdeacon of the Dioceses of Elphin and Ardagh. A service of Installation will be held on the 31st January 2016 at 4pm in Sligo Cathedral.


For further information contact the Diocesan Communications Officer:
Jennifer Horner
Tel: (042) 967 5822

Mothers’ Union Prayer Vigil raises awareness of Gender Based Violence.

On Saturday 28th November women and men from across the Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh gathered in St George’s Church, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim for a prayer vigil organised as part of the Mothers’ Union All-Ireland ‘16 Days of Activism against gender based violence’.

It was one of 15 vigils being held across all twelve Diocese of the Church of Ireland as a powerful gesture of solidarity with women at home and across the world who are suffering at the hand of gender based violence.

Worship was led by Revd. Linda Frost, Joy Little (MU KEA President) and Dean Arfon Williams and Bishop Ferran Glenfield. The speakers on the day were Niamh Wilson from the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service Sligo (DVAS), Tina Horton from the Sligo Rape Crisis Centre, Patricia O ‘Reilly from Roscommon SAFE (Domestic Support) and Mary McSharry from Invisible Traffick. A prayer tree was used as part of the vigil to facilitate prayers for justice and peace for women who live in fear of violence.
The organisers were grateful to Deputy Frank Feighan, Senator Pascal Mooney and Cllr. Marie Casserly who were there to express their support for the vigil which aimed to raise awareness and pressurise governments to take action.



Childrens Ministry Advent Newsletter 2015

Advent is a time of waiting and anticipation. It is a time of hope even in the darkness. It is a time of knowing that Jesus the Light of the world has come and has brought light to all of us. At this time of the year we remember that we are called to be light and hope to others in dark times. When people are waiting in darkness – maybe they are waiting for test results from hospital or are worried because they have lost their job or are fleeing war or are lonely and are not excited about Christmas because they don’t have anyone to celebrate with – Jesus calls us. Just as He is the Light of the world, bringing hope and joy and welcome to the majestic magi and the lowly shepherds, we also bring that Light to others at this time. Here are some ideas for including children in this time of waiting, hope, welcome and light this season.

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Mothers’ Union ’16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence’ Prayer Vigil

The Mothers’ Union ’16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence’ Prayer Vigil will take place on Saturday the 28th November in St George’s Church Carrick-on-Shannon between 3 and 6pm.

The Vigil will include speakers from the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service, The Samaritans, Sligo Rape Crisis Centre and Invisible Trafficking.


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Better Together – Diocesan Synod, 17th Oct


The Annual Joint Meeting of the Diocesan Synods of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh took place on Saturday 17th October in the Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim. At this meeting Bishop Ferran Glenfield introduced the proposed union of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh under a single administration. At present the diocese is administered in two parts: Kilmore and Elphin and Ardagh. However, one of the key things identified in a series of Conversation Days facilitated by the Bishop shortly after his appointment was a desire for a single administration to avoid unnecessary duplication and waste. Both Killmore and Elphin and Ardagh have been united since before the Church of Ireland was disestablished nearly 150 years ago. The Bishop noted that over the years respect and trust had built up, to the point that we consider ourselves as one family, who are better together.

During the Synod a series of motions were put before and unanimously approved by the Synods of the Diocese of Kilmore and the Dioceses of Elphin and Ardagh which will enable the two Dioceses to work together under one administration. The proposed single administration and financial scheme will now go forward to the RCB. If the RCB are satisfied the scheme will be placed before the General Synod in May 2016.

A huge amount of work has been done to get this far and Bishop Ferran paid tribute to the two working groups who worked tirelessly through the details of the proposed single administration and the accompanying financial scheme. He also thanked the various officers of the RCB for their input.

These changes are part of our larger Vision for the church, 20/20 VISION, which in relation to administration aspires that ‘Diocesan administration and structures should be relevant, accountable, representative and supportive of the local church. Diocesan resources should be released to this end.’ In his Presidential address, the Bishop said that these changes make sense – ‘we are better together, not just symbolically but in reality’. He asked for support and prayers as we go forward in God together as three distinctive members of one united family, Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh.


Bishop Ferran Glenfield

Olwen Heaslip and Cathy Clarke
Olwen Heaslip and Cathy Clarke

Revd Canon Patrick Bamber and Deborah Davitt
Revd Canon Patrick Bamber and Deborah Davitt

Damien Shorten and Hannah O'Neill
Damien Shorten and Hannah O’Neill

Dean Arfon Williams John Davies
Dean Arfon Williams and John Davies

Dean Nigel Crossey, Cynthia Poyntz
Dean Nigel Crossey and Cynthia Poyntz

Emma Lynch - Tearfund
Emma Lynch – Tearfund

Mary Geelan
Mary Geelan

Sandra Lindsay
Sandra Lindsay

William Foster Red Canon Billy Stafford
William Foster and Canon Billy Stafford

RTE Service on Sunday with Sligo Grammar School Choir


The RTE One Service on Sunday 11th October was a Harvest Thanksgiving with Sligo Grammar School Choir directed by Johnathan Carter. The service, which was lead by Revd. Canon Patrick Bamber can be seen on the RTE player at: